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Hongxin Communication Technologies and China Mobile Signed "Green Action" Strategic Cooperation Me

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 In the afternoon of November 29, 2007, Wuhan Hongxin and China Mobile signed the "Green Action" Strategic Cooperation Memorandum in Beijing.  G..M of the Planning Department of China Mobile Mr. Dong Xin presided over the conference, and G..M. Lu Jun of Wuhan Hongxin and G..M. Liu Zhiguo of Beijing Commercial Office were present at the signing ceremony.
 Covering various links of its operation, i.e. programming, planning, project management, purchasing, project implementation, operation and maintenance, the Green Action Plan is a long-term work sponsored by the Management of China Mobile Group in active response to the state “Energy-saving and Pollution-reduction” policy.  The signing of the said memorandum indicates its intention to bring its equipment suppliers into the plan for the creation of green industries and ecological environment, realize win-win and grow in harmony through resource saving, energy consumption and cost reduction, and make contributions to the creation of blue seas for the world and a resource-saving and environment-friendly society.
 For this purpose, China Mobile selected 15 manufacturers as its first group of cooperative partners to sign the Green Action Plan, of which 4 are producing main equipment and 11 principal manufacturers are involved in the air-conditioning, electric cable, network optimization, antenna, feeder, battery and other fields.
 The participating manufacturers stand at the leading positions in their own fields in terms of technical level and product quality and at the same time the volumes of their equipment purchased and operating in networks are all at the top of the list.  Therefore, their active participation has a far-reaching significance to the Green Action Plan sponsored by China Mobile.  That Wuhan Hongxin ranks among the first 15 signers has once again testified to its leading position in the industry.
 G.M. Lu Jun gave an excellent speech at the meeting on the subject of cooperation and exchanges, when he said, at the 17th Party Congress, “Energy-saving and Pollution-reduction” and “Green Environmental Protection” had been incorporated as major elements of the scientific concept of development.  Standing at the forefront of the time, China Mobile sponsored this green action plan, which was of major practical significance.  Wuhan Hongxin was doubly honored to be one of the first 15 manufacturers in cooperation with China Mobile and at the same time deeply felt that the responsibility involved was heavy.
 He continued that as an enterprise directly under the State-Owned Assets Supervision and Administration Commission of the State Council, a member of the “National Team” and a company that has strong sense of social responsibility, Wuhan Hongxin had realized improvement and innovation in product design, processes, energy consumption, packaging, cost and performance this year, resulting in the reductions of power consumption, heat dissipation, system size and cost, and the improvement of efficiency and reliability.  The initiation of the Green Action Plan” by China Mobile enabled them to be still more confident and determined to do a good job in energy saving and pollution reduction.  They would do a still better work and make efforts to achieve better results to repay the customers and the society.
 During the conference, China Mobile Group and the 15 equipment manufacturers formally signed the Memorandum on the principle of equality and mutual benefit, facing the future, long-term cooperation and common development and had a group photo taken to mark the occasion. 
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