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Wireless Accessories

  • CDMA, TD-LTE, FDD-LTE Antenna

  • GSM, DCS, WCDMA Antenna

  • GSM, EGSM, DCS Antenna

    Fiberhome trusted solutions provide superior RF performance, control and reliability, while reducing total cost of ownership. Our Fiberhome portfolio of base station antenna systems and accessories offers quality solutions for any challenge, including remote antenna tilt management and antennas designed for emerging applications such as MIMO and digital beam forming. A ultra-wideband antenna sys...

  • POI

    The most cost-effective way to manage indoor coverage and capacity for hotspot locations Fiberhome offers point of interface (POI) products that help building owners manage multiple on-site networks with just one compact component. Our fiberhome® POIs provide an easy-to-use technical interface, which reduces the risk of installer error. In addition, each device is factory tested to assure it...

  • LTE IBS Device

    Wider bandwidth can help you to save your investment. High capacity can help you to provide more selection. Low PIM can reduce the DAS system interference. ...

  • Filter

    Reduce or mitigate sources of interference in your network . Fiberhome designs and manufactures filters utilizing a variety of technologies, topologies and construction types. We also custom-design filters to unique requirements to facilitate co-siting solutions or solve performance problems....

  • LTE Combiner

    To facilitate co-siting, Fiberhome offers multiband combiner products that enable antenna and feeder sharing by combining multiple frequency bands to a common RF path. Available in a variety of configurations, our multiplexer products integrate signals from wireless systems that operate in GSM, DCS, WCDMA, TD-A, TD-E, WLAN and many other bands, and support all technologies....

  • Digital Radio Remote Unit

    This series of products using CPRI (The Common Public Radio Interface) interface , through advanced FPGA technology and embedded software technology , multi-channel parallel digital filtering, protocol ...


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