Achieving the Great Goal with Cohesion and Starting a New Journey of Digital Economies- 2018 New Year's Address of FiberHome

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As 2017 has come to an end, 2018 is approaching us. We would like to extend sincere new year greetings to our clients and partners in the FiberHome communication industry ecosystem, new and old friends who are concerned about and support the development of FiberHome, and FiberHome will keep practicing the mission of "benefiting the human society". We wish you a happy new year, prosperous business, and smooth work!

In the past five years, China has widened its development path. China has promoted the overall plan for all-round economic, political, cultural, social, and ecological progress and the Four-Pronged Comprehensive Strategy, and significantly improved the comprehensive national strength and people's sense of gain. In the past five years, FiberHome has also broadened our development path. We profoundly grasp the new normal of economic development and actively implement the five development concepts. We unswervingly promote the integration and transformation of information technology and communications technology, and strongly support the development of cyber-power, broadband China, and intelligent life of citizens. The "Chinese Power", representing advanced information technology in the world, is growing in full swing here.

In 2017, under the national guidance of the economy development, the information communications technology (ICT) industry has reshaped its positioning and pattern in the new industrial development channel, featuring "fast upgrading, large connectivity and pan-smart", and started to nurture new impetus and vitality for China's economic and social transformation. The further integration of information technology and human production and life has strengthened the important role of data in driving economic development, social governance, state management and improvement in people's living standards. More governments, enterprises and other social organizations choose to use ICT to digitize products, services, business models, cultural concepts, organizational structures and IT processes.

FiberHome is exploring how to create value through technological innovation. The rise of the digital economy has infused plenty of momentum into the construction of information infrastructure and brought unlimited imagination to the excavation of data values. FiberHome seizes this opportunity to deepen the layout of an independent and controllable ecosystem along the value chain of data transmission, computing, storage, governance, analysis and application, so that products and services are recognized and affirmed by more clients.

We promote upgrading of the "ultra-high speed, ultra-large capacity, and ultra-long distance" technology, so that massive data run faster and farther and more people are able to have access to the coming 5G era. We continue to accumulate understanding of users, unswervingly promote information advancement, and assist corporate clients with digital transformation. We actively promote the cloud data center, cloud computing and smart city business, vigorously develop the industry application software, continuously improve the capabilities of independence, security, and controllability, and provide vertically integrated end-to-end industry solutions. More and more experts of FiberHome approach clients' business, listen to the ideas of clients, work alongside clients, and provide solutions to practical problems.

The rise of the digital economy also presents higher requirements on enterprise reform and development. We advocate and implement the "SMART" digital transformation strategy, inspire the creativity of talents, combat effectiveness of organizations, driving force of mechanisms, clustering of resources, and cultural appeal, and promote the supply-side structural reform in FiberHome. Improving the quality of the supply system and moving toward the middle and high end of the global value chain are not only our goal of inheriting the national information technology mission, but also a path for us to assume the responsibility of strengthening and promoting state-owned key enterprises. We will also profoundly tap the primary force for innovation that leads development. On the basis of top-level cut-through and orderly planning, we will make every effort to tackle difficulties, strive to achieve efficiency changes and motivation changes, and improve production efficiency.

We will stay true to our original intention, pursue our vision and ideal, and bear in mind our mission. In the new year, we will embark on a new journey of social modernization, comprehensively maintain our strategic strength, practice our mission, and make more contributions to accelerating the development of digital China and digital economy.

Looking forward to 2018, FiberHome would like to grow with you and realize the dream of "Benefiting the Human Society" in the sparkling new times.