Broaden Your Future

As a listed company under SASAC, FiberHome persists its duty as a corporate in realizing its healthy and sustainable development in order to create wealth & jobs and gain tax income for the society, prior to the environment protecting and the Social charity and public welfare.

Based on this cognition, FiberHome establishes its purpose Make contributions to the society, take care of employees and be responsibilities to the environment career.


Economic development  

Since going public in 2001, FiberHome has continuously recorded increase in both avenue and net margin, keep turning over profits and taxes, while creating thousands of jobs each year.


Staff caring

FiberHome insists to talents power the enterprise strategy, helps employees continuously improve quality & ability, broaden career development channel with the employee career development & talent team construction plan.

At the same time FiberHome owns an objective and fair performance evaluation system, and a complete set of salary distribution system, making the employees share the company development. The company has won gold medal of China Human Resources Achievements, the second prize of National Enterprise Management Innovation.


Environmental protection

FiberHome continues to promote green technology innovation, and to strengthen cooperation in depth with its chain partners, through the green solution and business model innovation to promote the development of green communication. During the past years, the company has won the "Advanced energy-saving units", "Environmental friendly enterprise" and "2012 Chinese green communication energy-saving innovation award" etc.


Public welfare

FiberHome actively takes practical actions to contribute to China's public welfare, education, and disaster relief assistance. When country suffered major natural disasters such as snow and earthquake, we offered emergency communication services, including all kinds of disaster relief materials and donated funds accumulated to 100 million Yuan. At the same time, signed the personnel training plan with famous universities, and jointly contributed "Optical communications and broadband access laboratory", cultivating a large number of high-level talent of communication technology.



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