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  • WLAN Services Carried By FiberHome FTTx

    OLT is set in the telecommunications room (CO), the data from multiple base stations is gathering up through the multistage splitter, and the ONU placed in the mobile base station (BS) processes the service streams to each base station in the downward direction by the broadcast method, and the TDMA method in the upward direction in case the conflict ocurrs when the ONU datastream converges. For t...

  • Video Surveillance Service Carried by FiberHome’s FTTx

    "Safe City" is an important project for a national construction of the harmonious society, that the governments and security departments pay high attention. During the construction of the “Safe City”, "Digital Surveillance" plays an important role. It is an important way to prevent criminals for the public security system, financial institutions, residential, industrial, mining enterpr...

  • VDSL2 & MSAN Solution

    FiberHome’s AN5006-20/30 is the MDU with smallest size but largest capacity in the world. With multiple service cards, smart FAN, key component redundancy,and latest copper technologies,AN5006-20/30 offers a high bandwidth & reliable xDSL Solution. FTTB/N+xDSL solution can resolve home entrance problem and lower the CAPEX compare with FTTH. VDSL2,...

  • FiberHome’s XGPON Solution

      1      XGPON Application Scenarios The application of digital FTTH family Due to the service development, bandwidth requirements are raised. GPON will be replaced by XGPON technology which provides 10G/2.5G bandwidth. Through the smooth upgrade from GPON to the XGPON, the old network structure can be reserved, which means the ODN network needn’t be changed ...

  • Fiberhome’s Solution for Enterprise Access

     1.1    Commercial building The ARPU of the commercial building type customer is intensive and high value distribution, therefore it is very important to compete in the field of operators. The PON system of Fiberhome can support voice, data, TDM and video business integrally, and it is the first choice for commercial building; It can provide users with the following several k...

  • FiberHome’s FTTx Solution

    1.1     FTTH Scene Through the GPON technology to realize FTTH, we can use a piece of optical fiber for every household to provide comprehensive telecommunication business and CATV business, and we can get rid of the cumbersome and costly cabling project during the traditional residential construction process. In terms of cost, the cost of the household fiber has apparently le...

  • FiberHome’s 10G EPON Solution

    1                   10G EPON Application Scenarios The application of digital FTTH family There is no need to change the optical cable topology structure and copper cable topology structure in the original FTTB network, so it can realize the EPON network backbone bandwidth 10 times the speed. Combined with ...

  • FiberHome POE ONU

    The feed type(POE/POE+)series ONU for telecom operators, government and enterprise customers are mainly used in WLAN hot coverage and peace city construction of optical fiber access terminal products. This series of products use the latest POE/POE+ (IEEE international standard, and supports the industry's most complete business network interface. At the same time to meet the multi-servi...


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