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Research & Development

Patents: Thousands of patents are applied.
IPR and Core R&D Abilities

  • Present 4 ITU-T Recommendations

    Y.2770: the requirements for deep packet inspection (DPI) in next generation networks. X.85/ Y.1321 : IP over SDH using LAPS, the first ITU-T Recommendation independently proposed by China. X.86/ Y.1323 : Ethernet over LAPS, an original technology of EOS ( Ethernet over SDH ). X.87/Y.1324 : Multiple Services Ring Based on RPR, the new generation multi-service optical switching and transmission platform.

  • Optoelectronic Design and Manufacture Techniques

    Developed the first practical Laser Diode in China. Major member for drafting national and industrial standards in the field of optoelectronic devices. Based on the Wuhan branch of optoelectronic technology center, established complete technical system, including material production, integration and encapsulation, testing, and etc.

  • Optic Fiber Design and Manufacture Craft

    Developed full series of optical fiber and cables. Independent manufacture techniques. Own the core technologies of preform-making, drawing, and particular OVD technology with IPR.

  • ASIC Design

    Independent design methodology and normative design procedure. Having designed and developed series of core chips with independent patent rights, which have been adopted by equipment manufacturers all over the world.

  • Application-oriented System Software Design

    Telecom network management software. Application and Service software. Network and information security software system, etc.

  • National Key Research Programs

    Undertook the majority of national key programs in the field of optic-fiber communications from the 6th Five -Year National Plan to the 11th Five-Year National Plan, and in the National High Technology Research and Development Program of China ( 863 Program ) 96 ×100Gbps OTN system 40G SDH (STM-256) optical transmission equipment and system Ultra high-speed optoelectronic devices and key chips WDM ultra-long-haul optical transmission system ASON-based 1280G optical transmission system MSR international standardization and industrialization FTTH research and industrialization projects Gridless, variable bit rate, all optical switching technology and equipment High speed ADC/DAC chip for next generation optical transmission system

  • Undertook first National Basic Research Program of China(973 Program) on optical communication networks: Fundamental Research on Ultra High Speed, Ultra High Capacity and Ultra Long Haul optical transmission technologies
  • Awards of  National Science and Technology

    40 Gb/s SDH (STM-256) system : The second grade of National Science and Technology Improvement in 2008. MSR technology : The second grade of National Technological Invention in Information Industry in 2009.


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